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Low Down Payment Mortgages

Angel Oak Home Loans offers a variety of mortgage programs which require little to no money down. These programs are not exclusive to first time home buyers and gift funds can often be used to cover the down payment and/or any closing costs.

Down payment requirements can be low
In contrast to conventional mortgage products, which frequently require down payments of 5% to 20% depending on your credit history, FHA makes it possible to reduce your down payment to as little as 3.5% on multiple types of properties.

Popular Low & Zero Down Financing Options

  • FHA Loans Down payment options as low as 3.5%. Down payment can be accepted as a gift from a family member or eligible charitable organization. Sellers may also contribute up to 6% towards the borrower’s closing costs.
  • VA Loans Up to 100% financing available with no monthly Mortgage Insurance. Must be eligible US Military Veteran, Active Duty Military, or member of the Reserves. Surviving spouses may also be eligible as determined by the VA.
  • USDA Rural Housing Loans 100% financing available to qualified borrowers. Loan closing costs can potentially be financed into the loan. Designed to help lower and middle-income borrowers purchase property in designated rural areas.

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Creative Financing Solutions with Lower Down Payments

  • Credit Buster FHA program that allows credit scores below 580. Minimum of 10% down required. 500 minimum credit score. Gift funds may be used to help with down payment.
  • Jumbo Buster 80/15 combo loans. Agency first mortgage up to maximum allowed amount (currently $453,100, more in high cost counties) plus an in-house second mortgage up to $300,000. Maximum combined loan/value of 95%. That translates to an $800,000 purchase price with 5% down without being considered a Jumbo loan!
  • Platinum Jumbo Loan Jumbo loan program with 10% down. Loans available up to $3 million. Credit scores as low as 660.

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